Easy puzzles are great for getting started in sudoku, or as a warm-up for tougher stuff.
These puzzles can all be solved using crosshatching and single-candidate elimination.
To solve a moderate puzzles you'll need to go beyond basic crosshatching and look for pairs and the like. To break a "hard" rated puzzle, you'll need to look for triples and number-claiming boxes. In a really tough puzzle you're likely to find squares with lots of candidates, and areas filled with seemingly unbreakable pairs and triples. The answers are in there somewhere though - all these puzzles are guaranteed to be solvable by logic alone. The wild bunch - these puzzles defied the basic solving logic in our puzzle generator. That doesn't necessarily mean they can't be solved by logic alone - you might find that advanced techniques such as X-Wing and Swordfish break them. Or you may have to take a guess. Like all puzzles in the Gallery, outlaws have just one solution. Try them if you're tough enough!
Sudoku Gallery - moderate puzzles

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